The World of Music Education

What is the point of Music Education? There are many. I imagine that if you're reading this then you have an interest in music. Music is all around us - you cannot escape it. That is the point of music in the curriculum. I am very fortunate, I work in a school that is very supportive of Music and the insane ideas that I have to promote music within the local community. Some schools aren't so lucky as the squeeze on results and league tables and finances is gradually forcing music into minority subject status. The fact that it isn't included in the Ebacc is really disappointing. 

Music, and in fact all Expressive Arts teaching has a huge role to play in society especially with more and more children suffering from Mental Health issues. Exp Arts gives all students the opportunity and an outlet to let out emotions that would otherwise be churning them up on the inside. It is no fluke that a lot of children cry in Exp Arts lessons as this is the time when they are given the ability to think and feel safe to let it all out. 

The arts give us confidence, ability to work as a team, and to be self critical and show a real commitment to something. These are to be applauded and are surely some of the skills that businesses are crying out for?

Rant over. Enjoy the Autumn, and I'll be writing again soon.

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