Can we reset 2020?

What. A . Year. I have never known anything like it. It's like the entire world has gone on a hiatus. Everything has stopped for 3 months (and counting). The effect that this will have on us I think we cannot yet imagine. Education? Paused... The Arts? On the edge of a precipice. Live theatre will not return until at least January 2021 and then who knows in what form it will take. If you are reading this, you obviously have access to the internet. Please support all of the live theatre that is being broadcast and live music. Concerts have been put online or on Facebook live. Just so we can get our fix of live performances. A lot of live music venues are having to close as they have no revenue. If you can help out in any way, please gt in touch with your local performance venues. They need your help or the new generation of performers coming through will have nowhere to go and the arts will continue their slow decline.

Remember. During the lockdown what did we all do? Listened to music, binge watched box sets, watched more TV. All of these performers you watched and venues you have been to now need your help more than at anytime. Hopefully now, people will realise how important the arts are. They have kept you sane, they have given people an outlet, provided support and emotional safety net. After years of being undervalued and under funded perhaps now their importance will be recognised by more than just a few people.

Just a little bit of information for you.Premier League revenue last year brought in 6.2 billion pounds. The Arts brought in 21.2 billion.

Makes you think.....

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