Beginner private lesson

These lessons will help you to get the most out of your voice. You will often work on making improvements in your ability to hold notes, pitching appropriately and extending your range. Once you have got comfortable with the basics of vocal technique, the next step will how to use the technique into songs of your choice as discussed with Jon who will advise you on suitable repertoire. 


Professional private lesson

The voice is a complex instrument and there is nowhere to hide. Whether or not you’ve had training before, you can never stop learning about your voice! We’ll deal with issues of eliminating the break between chest voice and head voice, taking the pressure away, relieving fatigue and developing range and flexibility.  If you’re not taking care of your instrument you can end up damaging yourself; prevention is better than the cure. If you are preparing for an audition, perhaps these lessons are the way forward for you.

Performance Coaching

Need to feel more comfortable on stage? These lessons will help you to develop your stage presence.. We will look at lyric interpretation and movements on stage adapting to the style of song  that you''re performing. I will show you ways  to interpret lyrics correctly and adapt your movement and expressions to match the style of music you are singing. These sessions are designed to help you prepare for a specific performance, audition or competition. Please note that theses are coaching sessions, which are different to singing lessons as they focus on a particular song and you performing it to the best of your ability.

Theory Lessons

Want to improve your understanding of music and how it works? These are the lessons for you! If you want to read music and understand harmony in more detail then give these lessons a try.

Examination preparation is included if you wish to take examinations. Please talk to me during your lesson.