What. A . Year. I have never known anything like it. It's like the entire world has gone on a hiatus. Everything has stopped for 3 months (and counting). The effect that this will have on us I think we cannot yet imagine. Education? Paused... The Arts? On the edge of a precipice. Live theatre will not return until at least January 2021 and then who knows in what form it will take. If you are reading this, you obviously have access to the internet. Please support all of the live theatre that is being broadcast and live music. Concerts have been put online or on Facebook live. Just so we can get our fix of live performances. A lot of live music venues are having to close as they have no revenue. If you can help out in any way, please gt in touch with your local performance venues. They need your help or the new generation of performers coming through will have nowhere to go and the arts will continue their slow decline.

Remember. During the lockdown what did we all do? Listened to music, binge watched box sets, watched more TV. All of these performers you watched and venues you have been to now need your help more than at anytime. Hopefully now, people will realise how important the arts are. They have kept you sane, they have given people an outlet, provided support and emotional safety net. After years of being undervalued and under funded perhaps now their importance will be recognised by more than just a few people.

Just a little bit of information for you.Premier League revenue last year brought in 6.2 billion pounds. The Arts brought in 21.2 billion.

Makes you think.....

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What is the point of Music Education? There are many. I imagine that if you're reading this then you have an interest in music. Music is all around us - you cannot escape it. That is the point of music in the curriculum. I am very fortunate, I work in a school that is very supportive of Music and the insane ideas that I have to promote music within the local community. Some schools aren't so lucky as the squeeze on results and league tables and finances is gradually forcing music into minority subject status. The fact that it isn't included in the Ebacc is really disappointing. 

Music, and in fact all Expressive Arts teaching has a huge role to play in society especially with more and more children suffering from Mental Health issues. Exp Arts gives all students the opportunity and an outlet to let out emotions that would otherwise be churning them up on the inside. It is no fluke that a lot of children cry in Exp Arts lessons as this is the time when they are given the ability to think and feel safe to let it all out. 

The arts give us confidence, ability to work as a team, and to be self critical and show a real commitment to something. These are to be applauded and are surely some of the skills that businesses are crying out for?

Rant over. Enjoy the Autumn, and I'll be writing again soon.

So! It's been a busy couple of months for yours truly, joining the ISM, revamping the website, new business cards, coming to grips with a new position at my College and setting up my private teaching. It's slow going, but worthwhile. I'm really happy with the way the studio is developing and I hope that you are to. I'm just waiting for the new framing to come back, the curtain to be put up and then it's all done! I am thinking of producing rehearsal and backing tracks for people, but I'm not too sure yet - loads of ideas to be coming up with. What do you think?

As it is coming up to the festive season, this is one of the busiest times for musicians, so here is a plea. When booking a musician for a concert or to provide music for your venue, please don't ask them to do it for free. Musicians have spent a lot of money on training, equipment and have spent hours rehearsing for your gig. Do not expect them to do it for free - you wouldn't expect a dentist to do free work or a barman to work for free would you? It's the same for musicians. This definition of a musician always makes me smile

Professional Musician: A person with 5 grands worth of equipment transported in a car worth £500 to a gig that will pay £100.

That sorts of sums it up doesn't it?

What's next for me? It's been a quiet concert season with just the College concert to do, but then it all kicks off when we go back on the 2nd January with preparation for the College's 24 hour concert. This is one of the things that I am most proud of. Over the last four years, we have raised over £10,000 split equally between a chosen charity and the Music Department. This year the charity is the Nayamba School ( This will be the last one for a while, but I'm looking at doing something different next year.

Past beneficiaries of the concert have been

The Helen Foundation,

Richard's Wish


The Snooky Trust

All worthwhile Charities based here in South Devon.

I will blog again next month and let you know what is happening at Chez Waterworth.

So all that's left for me to say is I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and New Year.

Much love

Jonathan x

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